A collaboration between illustrator/wood relief artist Brian Leach and artist/metal fabricator Cactus. It's a philosophy of two good friends bringing creative friction to bear on functional art.
Two different backgrounds, two different viewpoints, one common goal - attempt to innovate and purposefully avoid that which has been done before.

RUUK’s Artifact line of furniture features reclaimed woods paired with elemental steel. The designs are based on intelligent marriage of the two mediums and include detailed and meticulous inlays which play off the wood’s natural character.

RUUK’s Deadfab furniture series is raw yet sleek. It seeks to join the wood and steel graphically and not just mechanically and also refuses to expose any of its fasteners.


RUUK's Knives and EDC items are born from necessity and esthetics simultaneously. We use innovative materials and ergonomics to creat one-of-a-kind functional pocket art.